Are we fucked yet?


I honestly don't know

There's certainly someone out there doing something stupid!


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Why would we be fucked yet?

Well, look around! I give you a few reasons:

Nuclear bomb explosion mushroom cloud


A superpower in possession of nuclear weapons with a maniac leader started a war lately.

Which had all the world's people having wet dreams about any kind of more weapons go very excited.

German Bundestag with German flag


Trust me, you don't want to see headlines like Germany is supposedly building Europe's largest military. Because, well, last time it went so well...

Ok, that one is a joke! Luckily it's not like that anymore.

Earth depicted as corona virus - covid


COVID-19 is still around, while not only having a huge death toll, producing long-term sickness and restricting our way of life as well as affecting mental health.

Dry tree in sand desert

Climate Change

And then... There's climate change. This fucker – without a doubt – will make us, as a species with interplanetary ambitions and being relatively intelligent, hit the coffin. If we're not going to pivot anytime soon, that is! And we're doing very well to reach every single 'goal' here.

Beer bottle

Peak Beer

Germany is running out of beer or at least bottles for said beverage.
This is bad! If there wasn't enough beer in Germany god knows what could happen!

Maritime Life - plankton

Killing Marine Life

We're (well, our pollution) killing marine wildlife, especially plankton *.
Since plankton is one of the very roots in marine food chain this is awful in so many ways. With plankton missing, most maritime species are going to die. And so are we! * It's only one data point and most likely not as bad as they write! Still we should take more care of our ecosystems!

Soil dried by drought


2022 brought large parts of the northern hemisphere another pretty plague... Europe, the US and China suffered (and are still suffering at the time of writing this) from the worst drought for 500 years. We didn't have real rain for about 8 weeks where I live which is very unusual.



Wood pellets used to create heat in special furnaces are supposed to be a bit more climate friendly since, in theory, they're using a renewable source.
Turns out (I know, you already guessed it) the technology leads to even more deforestation, because people don't regrow enough forests but just burn the old ones.
Oh my, we're soo good at this!

Rain forest - well, should be offsetting carbon

Carbon offset

Carbon offset doesn't work. It's basically just useless sh**. Who could have thought that buying yourself a clear conscience wouldn't work. I wouldn't even be surprised if it all was mostly an elaborate scam.

GPT4 as a computer chip illustration


Fun fact: It might not be the singularity that kills us. Turns out a bit less than dumb text and conversation generator is sufficient.
Why? Because those generators are very confident in what they're 'saying', even if it's utter nonsense. While, until now, we had to rely on windbags like Trump, now everyone can create truthful sounding lies without much effort. And hoping for people double (fact) checking what they read seems to be very optimistic to me.

Futurist robot that could be a killer robot

Military AI

Have I mentioned AI?
Ah, yes, so the military is running tests here as well.
And boy, they're doing great! I mean, this was a simulation thought experiment, but it still shows how creative an AI could get to reach its target. So might get to the killer AI, after all!

Windows as part of the deadly trio

The deadly trio

The IT Security related deadliest Software combination definitely is related to Windows + Outlook/MS Office + Active Directory/ADFS.
Well, trio somehow sounds better than quintet, so I left out Exchange. On the other hand that way we would get to the four horseman of the apocalypse...
Or to make it short: Microsoft plays a big role in Software related apocalypse.

The author's take!

The author's take

Although there are many bad things happening right now there's still hope.

So no, I don't think that we're fucked yet, but nonetheless, we're pretty close!

The war in Ukraine?

Yep, it is bad and war is always bad. But it's not WW3. And right now I don't think it's going to happen.

We still have some options left to make this war either stop or at least not making it spread.

There are many people right now screaming for military actions or at least building or buying fancy weapons (also growing the nuclear arsenal). In my opinion, these people want war. They're much like that maniac president who started the war. Don't listen to them!

Why don't we interfere, you might ask?

Well, unfortunately that one is easy. And it's probably good that it's easy!

Because, given one NATO country starts battling with the Russian Federation (or the other way around), this will get every NATO member into a war against Russia. If and when this happens, the world as we know it will most likely be over.

It's pretty safe to assume that someone with Putin's personality will try to get at his enemies at every cost. Which means: They will start attacking with nuclear weapons pretty soon.

There's a phrase which (paraphrasing) goes like this:

In a war there will mainly be losers on both sides.

In a nuclear war there will only be losers globally. Each and every one will lose.

Nuclear bomb

Their livelihood, their relatives, their friends and pretty much likely their lives.

The reason for that is: If one nuclear power started sending out only one nuclear warhead, the other side will try to eradicate the aggressor by all means before they'll start another one. I can't stretch this enough! One nuclear weapon will most likely lead to total destruction of most of the world.

NATO countries will start everything they have trying to prevent Russia from starting any more nuclear weapons. Which Russia will counter with throwing at them everything they still got. The same is valid for the other way around.

That being said, mot of the time the situation always will be a bit more complicated. However, countries will follow some kind of escalation ladder, depending on the initial aggressor's degree of the attack.

If you're interested in this topic and want to read a fictional story about it, I can really recommend Ken Follet's latest book Never (Affiliate link!). I've recently read this book and can very much recommend it.

Also, there's that interesting and a bit depressing TEDx Talk by Brian Toon about nuclear wars: By clicking the preview you hereby consent to allow YouTube's cookies and tracking functionality (consent will be saved for 1 week).

Just a youtube video preview

Would anyone survive?

Yep, but for many of them life will be real torture. Most will be sick (not only by radiation), starve or be involved into major and minor wars and conflicts. Technology, electrical energy and heating will be rare and expensive. Many of us would have to be farmers, gatherers and hunters, again.

But! There's a bright side (You should know by now that I like to be sarcastic)! The following nuclear winters and the destruction of most of our industries might prevent the worst effects of climate change from happening.

If you're still in a playful mood you might want to try the nukemap simulator to get a picture of what nuclear weapons can and can not do.

And Climate change?

In the long run this is even scarier.

Based on the UN Global Assessment Report you can find different pieces, like what you're currently reading, warning of doomsday related to climate change.

Given, we managed to avoid total annihilation, the following task at hand is even more difficult. We will have to pivot our way of life. Instead of economic growth we have to change to a more sustainable way of life.

In the short run this might be painful, but, in the long run, it will save us and most of our technology and scientific achievements. So please, try to do your thing by saving energy, eating local food and try conserving and using stuff as long as possible. And holding companies accountable for their actions and waste production.

But it doesn't stop there: Agriculture right now does many things wrong and relies heavily on Carbon Fuel based technologies (like fertilizers). The good thing, there might be a solution: By clicking the preview you hereby consent to allow YouTube's cookies and tracking functionality (consent will be saved for 1 week).

Just a youtube video preview

And if you really want to make a difference, check out my friend Tiago's app Changeit. There's also a discussion about this site's very topic on reddit.
Also, the global goals list gives you an overview about what we could do to make the world a better place, including possible actions.

Although I don't agree with everything written in Bill Gate's How to Avoid a Climate Disaster (Affiliate link!), it's definitely worth a read if you're interested in this topic.

At least in parts we seem to be on a good way, although the development could be way faster.